San Diego Winter Storm Water Damage Repair

Some of you are going to soon need water damage repair. This morning San Diego is experiencing the first winter storm of the season.  As the rain is falling heavily around the County, roofs are leaking and water is intruding into homes and businesses.  Should you experience a roof leak or exterior water penetration, DON’T PANIC.  Call Gold Coast Flood Restorations at 888-373-9243 for immediate assistance.

Roof Leak - an diego water damage repair

Roof Leak

Water damage from a roof leak can affect drywall, baseboards, cabinetry, hardwood flooring and personal contents. Prompt treatment of the affected areas is critical in preventing mold damage that will require even more costly mold remediation procedures.  For more information please visit our FAQ section and CALL today to schedule one of our knowledgeable technicians to assess the water damage repair to your home or business.

Gold Coast Flood Restorations has restored countless water losses and also know precisely just what should be done to put you back to normal swiftly.

It’s vital to act quickly due to the fact that any kind of hold-up in responding can create extra damage to occur, plus many insurance providers require that you do everything you can to safeguard the property from extra water damage repair.

Gold Coast Flood Restorations will certainly bill your insurance company straight and all needed work will be performed with as little hassle and intrusion as possible. Call our 24-hour emergency line and we will be on our way quickly.