Sewage Backup

san Diego sewage backupSewage Backups can cause severe health threats! It is important to contact a knowledgeable restoration company in San Diego at the first sign of a sewage issue. There are over 120 different viruses that can be found in human feces and urine that you and your family can be exposed to in the event of a sewage backup.

How to Prevent a Sewage Backup 

  1. Waterproofing the building foundation and/or sealing cracks in foundation floor or walls;
  2. Installation of a check valve or shut-off valve on the building sewer close to where it enters the structure, which will protect your home from sewage back-ups due to surcharging conditions in the municipal sewerage system (you must check with the proper sewer authority prior to taking this action!!); and
  3. Raising or removing any sink, toilet, washing machine, etc. in the basement that may be subject to backups when the sewer system surcharges.

Pro-active measures include:

  1. Purchasing or installing a pump (e.g. sump pump) to pump out water that collects in the low point of the basement or structure;
  2. Ensure that building gutter downspouts and drains are directed away from the foundation and toward low points away from the home;
  3. To the extent possible, keep furniture and valuables above flood levels where flooding has previously occurred; and
  4. If minor flooding occurs, follow the water to its point-of-entry and seal cracks or defects to the extent possible.

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