Sewage Backup Solutions in Santee and San Diego CA

Sewage Backup Solutions in Santee and San Diego CA

Sewage backups and other sewage related issues are not normal hot topics of conversation among homeowners. Often as homeowners we look at the interior and exterior aesthetics of our home.

However, there are foundational matters that we must be aware of. Sewage backups, especially those caused by heavy rain, is a real and serious issue in Santee & San Diego County. It is better being proactive in lieu of reactive when it comes to Mother Nature and sewage backups in your home.

Rain fall and heavy rain fall happens in San Diego County. Heavy rain brings about issues for homeowners beyond what we normally think of. Having been in the Santee & San Diego areas for a long time, we at Gold Coast Flood Restorations have witnessed a common issue is sewage backup caused by heavy rainfall.

During periods of heavy rain, it may be possible for septic systems and the public sewer lines to become surcharged. What does that mean? Surcharged sewer lines means the public sewer systems becomes overwhelmed with large amounts of groundwater and water from storms that flow into sewer lines. It becomes full. So much so, it cannot take on anymore water. Unfortunately when this occurs, there is nothing a homeowner can do to ease the amount of water externally.

So the natural question is: “How do I protect my home?”

First, you want to be proactive. Do not wait for the sewage backup issue to arise and then try and deal with it. You can protect your home. However, there are two things you want to bear in mind. First, you want to become as educated to the options you have in protecting your home.

Anytime you make changes to plumbing, you must deal with a licensed reputable company. You want to make sure work is done within code. Also, sewage is a solid waste that contains and carries deadly viruses, bacteria, fungus, toxic chemicals, parasites, and other life threatening contaminants.


A great way to protect your home is with back-flow valves. Back-flow valves are designed to block the private sewer line temporarily to prevent the flow of surcharged public system from entering your home! It’s a dam of sorts. Let’s look at the valves that are available:

– Gate Valve. A gate valve is a complex design, but provides a strong seal, but it must be operated manually. The effectiveness of this valve will be determined by the amount of lead time you have in a flood situation. However, it provides a great defense.

– Flap or Check Valve. These type of valves open to allow flow out of the home. However, they close when it reverses. These are the more common type of valves. These are simpler in nature because they work automatically. No lead time is necessary, but the strength in their seal is less than that of a gate valve.

– “Hybrid” Valve. There are combination valves that combine the best of all worlds that have elements of a gate valve and flap valve. In dealing with a licensed entity, they can show you those valves, pro’s and con’s, and make the determination if there is a fit for your home.

I cannot stress enough the need to be proactive. In San Diego and Santee, we deal with heavy rain at times and it wreaks havoc on septic systems and on the public sewage system. Residents need to be prepared. By being proactive you will save $1000’s of dollars in clean-up, restoration, and possible decontamination. Is your home prepared? Is your private sewage system prepared? Don’t ask the question during the next rainstorm, it may very well be too late. Ask now. For further information call our office today at 888-373-9243.